Many emigrated to North America over the course of several centuries so it’s not surprising that the Lucas Family were among these.

Which family member to be the first is difficult to find, however William Lucas was listed as one of the 117 immigrants missing on Roanoke island.

The main destination was obviously the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

ROANOKE ISLAND ‘The Lost Colony’ was  organised by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1587. After establishing a colony on Roanoke Island the transport ships returned to England to replenish supplies.

When they returned some three years later the colony was abandoned.

Over the years large areas of North America were granted to the aristocracy, who in turn sold off land to investors.  The Lucas had accumulated great wealth through position as well as the wool trade in East Anglia in particular. Some did invest in this ‘New World’ opportunity as the English economy  slowed.

Until the war of independence the Americas were a destination for deported criminals from Britain.  After the English Civil wars many royalists were given the choice of deportation to this new world.

Through various reasons there were pockets of the family in Ireland. Due to famine and unrest some of these also made their way across the ocean.

THE WEST INDIES  was an attractive place for anyone with money to invest. Ideal climate and cheap slave labour meant large profits for those involved. Clearly the Lucas family  were in a position to invest. Through the story of Elizabeth Pinckney (nee Lucas) we learn that our family were certainly among those involved.

While today we regret this involvement, I don’t believe we should deny or try to hide the fact. The whole issue of the slave trade is too complex for this site to get involved. From what I read Elizabeth was one of the better ‘owners’. See also BARBADOS

CANADA  like the other North American locations received a few Family members