The most common use of ICON  Images are to customise windows folders.

Microsoft Windows:

  1. download the image  (this will normally be to your desktop or download folder)   *********.icon
  2. Transfer the image to pictures folder
  3. Right click on folder or short cut  that you want to customise.
  4. Select properties  (at the very bottom)
  5. On a short cut  click ‘Change icon’ button.   For a folder select ‘customise’ tab then ‘Change Icon’ button
  6. Click ‘Browse’ button and open pictures folder. (Icon file type will be selected) there should only be a small number of images to choose from . Select the image you want.
  7. Click open button.
  8. A thumb nail image will show in the main frame, click ‘OK’
  9. Press ‘OK’ again.

The new image will replace the default folder image. You may need to open the folder / short cut  before the image changes.

To restore the original icon follow steps a - e . Click ‘Restore Defaults’


The Icon download from this site is the property of John Lucas,

It is a ‘Royalty free file’ which is supplied free for  non-commercial use only.

Using Customised ICON Images