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31 December 1566

 Licence of alienation for £11.6.8

Elizabeth I licenses John Goodwyn, esq., Henry Josselyn, esq., and Anne his wife, John LUCAS, gent., and Mary his wife, to alienate  to [transfer to]  Francis Saunders, esq., and William Walter, sen.

Manor of Oldehall or Oldehall and Newehall in Mistley, formerly part of lands of William Forde, esq., and manor of Manningtree (manytre or Schidynghoo), le Crane, le Key and Keyhouse in Manningtree, and appurtenances in Manningtree, Mistley, LAWFORD, Little Bromley, Ardleigh and Bradfield, formerly the possessions of the monastery of Canonleigh

Saunders and Walter are trustees to give half the profits to 0 and half to Josselyn (see Morant, I,462)

15 June, 1601

Recognizances of John LUCAS of Ramsey, gentleman, and John Heard of the same, yeoman, for Edward Betts of Manningtree, victualler, to keep the peace towards William Stradbrooke of the same, tailor; and of Richard Turner of the same and Nicholas Cromer of Mistley, yeoman, for William Motam of Manningtree, mercer, to keep the peace likewise. Taken before Edward Waldegrave, esquire, at LAWFORD; both discharged by the Court.



 Recognizance: John LUCAS of MANNINGTREE, gentleman, and John Sewell of the same, tailor, for the said John Sewell not to haunt evil or suspect company, not to use any unlawful games nor keep any evil rule, justly offensive to the honest and most substantial of the parish wherein he shall be abiding, nor to misintreat any of the Queen's subjects by fighting or threats, and also within twenty-eight days to leave off working at his own hand and be retained in some honest service as a household servant where he may use his science or otherwise serve in that faculty wherein he shall be retained. Appeared and handed over further as appears in the Sessions Roll. Surety:' John Colman of the same yeoman Taken before William Cardinall (also 37/48).

Indictment of Christr. Bunting husbandman, John Andrews, Nathl. Heckford, Mich. Auger, labourers, Nathaniel Ward blacksmith, John Paschall, William Richard Senior and jun., labourers, Samuel Dowell husbandman, Richard Cousin, rob. Wigg sen., Isaac Allin, Thomas Hapwood jun., labourers, all of  Wix, John Mills of Tendring labourer, William Hammond of Great Oakley labourer, William LUCAS gardener, Thomas Crosse alias John Crosse cordwainer, Richard King butcher, ste. Byshopp labourer, Henry Hawes blacksmith, all of Bradfield, William Dowlett, John Boothe, Richard Henningfield and William Rose, all of MANNINGTREE labourers, with many other evildoers to the number of forty persons unknown to the jurors riotously assembled together at Wix and assaulted Edmd. Hickeringill, clerk, and forcibly broke into "wicks (Wix) Park Hall" there being in his peaceable possession for a term of years not yet expired and expelled him therefrom, and he still remains so explelled. Witnesses: Hickeringill, Richard Nuton, Thomasin Nuton, Jane Tyall. (11 plead not guilty).


Mr Lucas

of Mistley

Left Wine Cellar

D.  1788




B. 1597





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M. 21/06/1605


John 1512

William 1814 master of ‘Bauff’ at Whitley

Born Manningtree

John b. 1851 Manningtree

M Esther 1852 Little Oakley

1881 in west ham

John b. 1879 popular

William b. 1880 popular

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