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To help identify locations pages incorporate  in the top left hand corner               linking to Google maps for that particular location

To protect privacy and to help combat online fraud and scams, pages containing details of living family members (and sometimes their parents) will not be made freely available on this site.  


All data pages should have an identification number at the very bottom left hand side. If you suspect an error on a particular page please quote this on your report/query.

Due to the amount of data this site is made up of several separate files. I have tried to lace them together, but forgive me if the joins show!

This site is free to use, all we ask is that you register as a user and use a password to protect the site from ‘trawling’.

By participating  in affiliate banners we receive a small amount on each sale. There is no additional cost to you, so if you wish to buy goods or services from them please use the link attached to the banner - every thing helps. This site is non-profit making so any monies raised will pay for the running of the site. Excess may be used to source additional data bases to enhance this site.


Throughout this site first names use capitalized lower case text i.e. John

In the case of family members, that is those using ‘Lucas’ as the family  (surname) to save space and repartition only the first names are used.

Individuals  (usually spouses or Children of female members) having alternative surnames are  recorder with full Upper case text i.e. SMITH. This saves confusion where the spouse’s family name is given say as a first or middle name.

The colours used for individual boxes is self evident. Married couples being linked by  = symbol.

Birth is abbreviated to B.   Marriage is indicated by M.  Death by  D.

Dotted lines are used where there is not clear evidence of the association, or in the case of illegitimate off-spring.  

Twins maybe grouped on the same descendant line mainly to save space

Arrows provide links either Up            (earlier page) that the individual is also listed on, or down            where they and their descendants are listed

Born dates (B.) Given may be the actual date of birth or date of baptism. On the census returns ages are listed, so Date of Birth is subject to a calculation, as can grave inscriptions. Equally the date of death may vary slightly and can be the date of interment instead.  Older records can give dates as ‘ in the X year of the reign of the monarch which can be up to interpretation.

Where I have collected addition information a button                            or                      will link to a new page.   

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