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Little Saxham

Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

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Saxham Hall is a Private residence.

Please respect the current owners rights to privacy and do not trespass on their land.

The original Saxham Hall was built by  Thomas (Houchon) Lucas, solicitor General to Henry VII.

Thomas was Born in 1450 at Westley, just down the road where he also owned Lucas (Luces) Hall and Pembroke Hall (gifted to him by his close friend Jasper Tudor Earl of Pembroke, uncle of Henry VII).  

Thomas had been a strong supporter of the Tudor cause and fought alongside Jasper during the War of the Roses.

The family had strong connection with nearby Bury St Edmunds. The family had already lived locally for several generations, with many family members holding civic positions in the town including Alderman and Bailiffs. I believe they also collected tithes for St Edmunds Abbey.

His wife Elizabeth Godwin originates from West Stow just to the north.

In addition to the hall he also built a private family chapel on the north side of the nave of Little Saxham church.

Other properties owned by Thomas, include West Stow Hall, Horsecroft House, the Holkham estate in Norfolk and Flaxton Hall near Eye Suffolk.

He was reputed to also own other houses around England.

Thomas Died in  1531  at Westminster, London

Although the family maintained several properties and indeed purchased several more in Essex, as Thomas’s wealth began to run out Saxham Hall was sold to the Croft family, (the family being the  inspiration for the Lara Croft stories) The hall was pulled down in 1773

The Croft family also took over the private chapel which is now dominated by memorials to the Croft family.

The Lucas coat of arms along with other family crests (Godwin, Morieux and Kemeys ) can still be made out.

The Lucas Family originates from Lucca (Luca) in Italy, after several generation in South East France  a branch of the family relocated in West Suffolk about 1100 AD and like most in the area grow wealthy from the wool trade.

Much of the family fortune was lost backing Charles I in the English civil wars.

Domesday Book Entry:

Sax(h)am / Sexham: King's land, kept by Godric; Abbot of St. Edmund's before and after 1066 and Albert and Fulcher from him; Richard FitzGilbert. Two thirds of a church, ½ mill.

Little Saxham Hall( site of )

Footage taken during draught conditions  - July 2018

Latitude: 52.2386 / 52°14'18"N     Longitude: 0.6443 / 0°38'39"E

Saxham Hall was built by Sir Thomas, Solicitor General, said to have been one of the most impressive private house of that period. Only the foundations exist in a private garden.

Little Saxham Hall