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Holkham Church

dedicated to  Saint Withburga

The Parish church of St Withburga, Holkham , Norfolk  stands within the grounds of Holkham Hall. Although it is enclosed inside the estate walls in can be visited through double Wrought Iron  gates a little to the west of the main gates to Holkham Hall. These gates are usually unlocked, there is a information board alongside. The Church is situated some distance from the gate standing high on a mound. It is  also usually unlocked during the day.

This is the only church in the world dedicated to Saint Withburgha, although Dereham church some mile south holds claims to a connection to her.

There is no visible memorials to the Lucas Family in the church. I could not find any grave stones or any other reference to the family.

Although the family did occupy Holkham Manor, later known as Neales I suspect they were interned in their ancestral town of Bury St Edmunds.

In his will of  1446 Thomas Lucas, Esq of Holkham, Lord of Neal’s manor bequeathed he was buried in St Withburgha Church.