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1 . Susanna Rush: Born 26 Dec 1656 Hornton, Oxfordshire, England; Died 27 Feb 1725 Byberry, Philadelphia, PA; Married 16 Sep 1685 Byberry, Philadelphia, PA.; John Hart: Born 16 Nov 1651 Whitney, Oxfordshire, England; Died Sep 1714 Warminster, Bucks, PA. (See Tate & Hart)

2.  John Rush: Born 1623 of Hornton, Oxfordshire, England; Died May 1699 Byberry, Philadelphia, PA; Married 8 Jun 1648 Banbury, Hornton, Oxfordshire, England; Susanna Lucas:Born 29 Jan 1627/1628 of, Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England; Died Aft 1707 Byberry, Philadelphia, PA.

During the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell fought to assert the power of parliament as opposed to the absolute power of the king. Born of country gentry, he succeeded in persuading many of England's greatest families to follow him. His reign (1649-1659), however, was characterized by the support of a strong strain of religious Dissenters which included zealous Puritan elements.

The Rushes were Separatists who supported Cromwell while in England and the cause of independence here in America. Capt. John Rush commanded a horse troop in the Puritan army under Cromwell. Family  legend indicates that Cromwell judged him among his best officers and he was given the name "Old Trooper".

After the war John began farming and rearing a family. In about 1660 he became a Quaker, holding that persuasion throughout the Restoration, a harsh time for those who refused to conform to the Church of England. When William Penn opened his "holy experiment" for settlement, the Old Trooper, then age sixty three, sold all his holdings.

Like a second Noah, he and his wife, Susanna, gathered together their many grown children and grandchildren, and in 1683 boarded the ship, Welcome, for America. They settled northeast of Philadelphia in the Quaker community of Byberry, founded by William Penn as sanctuary for this persecuted religious minority.

The number of Quakers grew rapidly and included many of the higher classes, including ministers of the Established Church, army officers and justices. Most notable were Robert Barclay and William

Penn. In 1682 Penn created an asylum for this group in the colony of Pennsylvania and thousands of Quakers quickly settled there. Rush arrived in Byberry just a year later. By 1697, however, the family had become Baptist.

Their 500-acre farm in Byberry Township was located twelve miles up the Delaware River from Philadelphia on Poquessing Creek. This was to become the family home for the next five generations. John was a member of a separatist group of Friends known as the "Christian Quakers," at a time when the Quakers faced much persecution for not joining the Church of England, and (after reaching America) from the Puritans.

His great-great-grandson, Benjamin Rush later wrote "It is sufficient gratification to me to know that he fought for liberty, and migrated into a remote wilderness in the evening of his life in order to enjoy the priviledge of worshipping God according to the dictates of his own conscience." "John, the father of William Rush, commanded a troop of horse in Cromwell's army. After the war he married Susannah Lucas at Harton, in Oxfordshire, the 8th of June, 1648. He embraced the principles of the Quakers in 1660, and in 1682 he emigrated to Pennsylvania with his wife and children. In 1691 he and his whole family became Keithians, and in 1697 most of them joined the Baptists. He died in 1699. His sword and watch fell to the possession of Dr. James Rush." Sources: Davis, W.W.H. History of the Hart Family of Warminster, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Printed Privately, 1867; Sons & Daughters of the Pilgrims: Lineages of Members National Society of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims, to January 1, 1929

Susan's Parents through Great-Great-Grandparents--

I. John Lucas: Born 1590 of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England; Married Ann (Lucas): Born 1605, Horton, Oxfordshire, England. John and Ann had seven children: Benjamin Lucas Born 1625; Susanna Lucas Born 29 Jan 1627/1628; (male) Lucas Born 1627; John Lucas Born 1631; George Lucas Born 1633; Sarah Lucas Born 1635; and Elizabeth Lucas Born 1637.

A. Thomas Lucas: Born about 1561 of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England; Christened 7 June 1561, Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England; Married Ann Waters:Born about 1575 of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England. Thomas and Ann had three sons: Thomas Lucas Born 1588; William Lucas Born 1589; and John Lucas Born1590.

i. Robert Lucas: Born about 1530 of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England. Robert had seven children: John Lucas Born 1556; Thomas Lucas Born 1561; Alice  Lucas Born 1562; Richard Lucas Born 1563; Ann Lucas Born 1564; Agnes Lucas Born 1564 and Margery Lucas Born 1566.

a. Robert Lucas: Born about 1505 of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England; Died 1560 of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, England. Robert had two sons: Robert Lucas Born about 1530 and Richard Lucas born about 1532 who married Ann Loftus.

John's Parents--

3 . Thomas Rush: Born about 1560 England; Died 4 Mar 1635 Boreham, Essex, England; Married about 1619; Thomasine Stansted: Born about 1565 of, Springfield, Essex, England. Thomas and Thomasine had six children: Colonel Thomas Rush Born about 1618 who married Bridgett Bramston; Thomasine Rush Born 31 August 1620 who Married Matthew Dalby; Jane Rush Born 4 October 1621; Frances Rush Born 1622 who married Thomas Barker; John Rush Born 1623; and Mary Rush Born 25 June 1633.

Thomasine's Father--

I.  John Stansted: Born 1574 of, Springfield, Essex, England

Thomas' Parents--

4 . Thomas Rush: Born about 1543, Sudborne, Suffolk, England; Died 5 Jun 1574 England; Married Priscilla Clovell: Born about 1515 England.

Priscilla's Father--

I.  Francis Clovell: Born 1489, England.

Thomas' Parents--

5 . Sir Thomas Russhe, Knight of the Bath: Born about 1490 Sudborne, Suffolk, England; Died 1560 Ipswich, England; Married Anne Rivers:

Anne's Father--

6 . John Rivers:

 Guilsborough  Northamptonshire

The Guilsborough Witches