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Castle Shane

Irish Wills


1757 Abagail, Castle Shane, Monaghan -  widow

1727 Benjamin, Ballingaddy, co Clare

1771 Charles, Dublin, MD

1708 Charles, Carnarvon

1664 Edward, Dublin

1757 Edward, the Elder, Castle Shane

1775 Edward, Castle shane

1796 Edward, Newgrove co Armagh

1811 Elizabeth, Cork widow

1657 Cornet Francis Castle Shane

1746 Francis, Dublin

1759 Fras., Greenon

1770 Rev Francis, Drumgoon

1798 Francis Mount Lucas, Wicklow

1689 Gilbert, Drogheda - tanner

1710 Jasper, Yougal

1811 Jasper, Cork – merchant

1734 Moore, Dublin – merchant

1767 Samuel,

1649 Sir Thomas Knt, Colchester

1718 Thomas, Parkhall Lancashire

1727 Thomas Castle Shane

1764 Thomas, Ennis – Clare – Merchant

1723 William, Berryfield, Northamptonshire – Grazier

1751 William, Droheda – Alderman

1755 William – Capt earl of Homes reg. of Foot


Thomas Lucas was born before his father's marriage with Elizabeth Leighton. His father purchased for him the manor of Lexden, Essex, from the heirs of Robert Ratcliffe, earl of Sussex

Lucas obtained the command of an English troop in the Dutch service, and was knighted by Charles I on 14 April 1628.In December 1638 Wentworth, Earl of Strafford gave him the command of a troop in the Irish army. He was one of the officers in whom Ormonde most confided during the Irish Rebellion of 1641, and held the rank of commissary-general of the horse. He distinguished himself at the Battle of Kilrush (15 April 1642), and was badly wounded at the Battle of New Ross on 18 March 1643.

From 1642 Lucas was a member of the Irish Privy Council, took part in negotiating the cessation of hostilities in 1643 and the treaty of 1646, and was consequently held a delinquent by parliament. He was, however, allowed to compound for his estate on paying a fine of £637 in 1648, and died before October 1649.

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