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Various English kings over several centuries tied to integrate Ireland into a United Kingdom. As the family was close to the Royal family since Henry VII, it was obvious that members would be sent to administer Ireland.

The earliest  recorded so far is Daniel De Lucas born in 1468

Thomas (from Colchester) was sent to Ireland by Charles I, on the kings defeat Benjamin (a Commonwealth supporter) was sent as a replacement by Cromwell and was installed at Mount Lucas.

A typical story during the riots of 1920’s was recorded at Mount Lucas, when the house was burnt to the ground and then owner  Deborah Ball was assaulted. This branch had lived in Ireland since  1600’s

Pockets of the family who settled in Ireland can be traced in several counties.

On the 30th  June 1922, as a result of a fire and explosion in the Four Courts Complex in Dublin, Ireland, which  housed The Public Records Office, most of the Protestant records of the Church of Ireland were destroyed. Making genealogy of Protestant families difficult.

As a result of unrest and famines  many Irish  families migrated, mainly to the USA

Two members of the Lucas Family in Ireland have received the Victoria Cross:

Charles Lucas V.C. was Boatswain's Mate on HMS Hecla during Crimean War.

John Lucas V.C. (1826 – 4 March 1892) saw action in the New Zealand wars.


Daniel De Lucas was born  in Colchester in 1468.

Living in Dublin John  was born 1535.

Francis was born 1607  in Grundisburgh England. He moved into Castleshane.

Jasper living in Cork born 1625

George, Justice of the Peace, born in 1828

John living in Tyrone was born about 1775.

County Clare was the home of Joseph born in 1797

Jane born 1690 in Yougsal